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Ido Tadmor


Ido Tadmor an international acclaimed dancer -choreographer began his studies at the Bat Dor Dance School, and shortly afterwards joined the Bat Dor Dance Company. 


After a few years as a soloist in Bat Dor Dance Company, he was invited to join the Bat Sheva Dance Company, where he danced for five years as lead dancer.


Following his departure from the Bat Sheva Dance Company, he was invited to perform as a lead dancer in Lar Lubovitch well known Dance Company in New York.


After his return to Israel he was also invited to perform as lead dancer by the Scapino Ballet Company of Rotterdam, Holland.


In 1995, he formed his own troupe IDO TADMOR – DANCE COMPANY. Since then, he has been the director of the company and has performed with it, as Senior Dancer, in many places around the world. (including Tokyo, USA, Cyprus, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Madrid, Paris and Moscow).


During the past 3 decades Ido Tadmor has represented the State of Israel as Israel's leading dancer around the world as an “Ambassador of Dance”


He appeared at prestigious gala evenings and highly regarded festivals throughout the world and was characterized by the Vienna Committee as one of the top ten dancers in the world of modern dance.


Tadmor was awarded many international awards and grants such as the Israel America Cultural Fund, Tel Aviv municipality, Haifa municipality, and additional funds for the encouragement of culture and the arts.


Ido has participated over the years in many television shows, movies and commercials He was also one of the judges on the T.V show: "Born to Dance", the Israeli equivalent of “So you think you can dance”.

Alberto Shwartz


Alberto was born in Uruguay, he studied music there at The National University of Uruguay. He then went on to study at The Academy for Music, Jerusalem, Israel.


Between 2004-2007 he studied at The Rimon School of Music, Israel in the department of music for television and film specializing in composition.


Alberto composes music for films, animation, stage and dance productions.


He has worked with the choreographer Rachel Erdos since 2006 composing music for 'Without Feathers', 'Inside its raining', 'Ou`', 'why we tell' and the award winning Alma where the music got a special mention by the judges.In addition he is the musical director of Azur High School, Israel.


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Efrat Einey


Efrat Einey is a Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, with special passion for motion design and animation.


Graduated with honors from the Visual Communication Design Department of the faculty of design at H.I.T - Holon Institute of Technology, Israel (B.Design), in 2007.


Since then has worked as a freelance designer for a variety of TV, web, print and art projects.


Efrat designed the video art for .

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