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Did You Really Say No?

A music video by Oren Lavie ft. Vanessa Paradis

Nominated for the best international pop music video at the UK music video awards 2017.

BEDROOM CRIME #1: A man and a woman live in a house that is too big for the size of their own relationship. DID YOU REALLY SAY NO is the first installment in a series of music videos from the album “Bedroom Crimes.”

Music and direction: Oren lavie 
Director of photography: David Stragmeister
Choreography: Rachel Erdos
Editor: Dafi Farbman
Actors: Vanessa Paradis & Oren Lavie
Dancers: Julien ramade, Robin Fabre Elissalde, Antonin Chediny, Arnaud Lambert, Aurore Mettray, Judith Arazi, Fanny Coulm, Veronika Akopova, Fanny Sage
Production: Hk Corp
Color grading: Yair Nahshon
Post: Omri Grossman

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