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Workshops & Masterclasses

Rachel has experience teaching the following:

Students (from 10-18)

Rachel gives them a chance to explore and play through movement. The students learn new material as well as complete creative challenges in order to unleash their creative spirit in a fun and challenging way.  They learn how to collaborate with each other, get experience searching for their own movement vocabulary and performing.


She teaches composition, improvisation, repertoire and partner work suitable to all ages and experience levels.


She has vast experience in creating with students work that they can continue performing after the workshop. The result can be a performance piece that combines material taught by Rachel alongside movement developed by the students under Rachel's mentoring.  This would involve a few meetings not a one-off session.

She also mentors students’ choreographic works.


Examples of this are Hadera high School, Hadera, Israel, Da Vinci Middle School, Portland Oregon, Dance Community Club Workshops and Summer Courses, Israel


Professional Dancers and Dancers training to be professional  (18 +)

Rachel works with professional dancers (and dance students training to be professional dancers) to explore their own choreographic voices, push their movement range and their performance qualities. She teaches composition, improvisation, repertoire and partner work. She also can mentor their own choreographic works and create original choreography on the students. She can offer one off sessions or a series of workshops, this can also end in a a performance piece that the students can continue performing after Rachel’s departure. This would combine material taught by Rachel alongside movement developed by the students under Rachel's mentoring.

Examples of this are teaching a semester at Brown University, USA, The Vertigo Dance Company Training Program, Jerusalem and Ecole De Sables, Senegal, Prisma Dance Festival, Panama


Professional Dance Teachers:

Rachel teaches professional development to Dance teachers, on the subject of choreography and improvisation.

Examples of this are Hishtalmut hamorim from the ministry of education, Israel and Prisma Dance Festival, Panama

Non Professionals 

Rachel's works are based around emotions, human behavioural patterns and actions. Using the themes raised in her works Rachel will share her research through movement exercises that encourage the participants to find their creative and choreographic voice regardless of previous experience or physical fitness level.


Based around choreographic challenges, improvisation with movement, text and contact work, the participants will explore aspects of human behaviour while getting to know themselves and their bodies better.

*This workshop can be a one time experience or a series of a number of sessions.


Examples of this are Kinitiras Dance Centre, Athens Greece, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv

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