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Artistic Vision

I aim to make work that is physical, visual and emotive.

I am an independent choreographer. The concept for a work usually comes from an emotional trigger or an aspect of human interaction that I want to explore. My works deal with intimacy between people and with oneself, looking at complex interpersonal relationships and inner exploration.


I rely heavily on the dancers’ physical knowledge and kinaesthetic understanding. I work very collaboratively from the start using the dancers’ input to build the material. The dancers’ personalities are always present in the work, as real people and not only dancing bodies. I tend to work in the way a film director might. I like to be the outside eye, constantly watching and evaluating the process. I pick a theme for the work and then research both in and out of the studio.


In the last few years I have been exploring the use of voice, both text and singing in my work. I have also been exploring the use of improvisation in the finished product and not just in the studio research, this way of working is new for me.


I have a broad body of work which includes intimate duets and trios and larger group works made for professional companies.  Works that have been shown in smaller spaces such as galleries and studio spaces as well as some of the most prestigious venues including The Kennedy Centre, Washington DC, The Joyce, New York and the Royal Opera House London. 

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