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Inside it's Raining

Inside its raining and slowly were drowning......


Three people stuck in a room with only each other to absorb their frustrations.
(programme notes)


"The three dancers are energetic and committed. It's good, physical stuff, ending with the three fusing not altogether consensually into one; a disturbing but memorable note."  
Lise Smith (Resolution! Review 2009)


Duration: 14 mins

Original Music Score: Alberto Shwartz

Dancers: Gil Kerer, Ori Lenkinski, Anat Maron

Lighting Design: Jacob Beresy


First premiered in Curtain Up Festival 2008, Tel Aviv.

Performed at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London in Nov 2010. Performed at The Joyce, New York in January 2017 by Company E, Washington DC.

Inside it's raining

Inside it's raining

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