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Prelude 19-24

Created for and commissioned by NorthWest Dance Project, Oregon, USA; 2015. Presented as part of CHOPIN PROJECT.

“creating a parallel sphere that mirrored the richness and delight of the music…tremendously satisfying”
“Tremendously satisfying, The Northwest Dance Project and Chamber Music Northwest took these “sketches” and “ruins” and transformed them into an exhilarating evening of stellar musicianship and dance. "(Anna Mae Kersey, artsandculturecult)


“Highlights: Focused, high-level dancing throughout, generally in vignettes of attraction and repulsion, tense drama and placid reflection. Rachel Erdos' piece was leavened with wit -- at one point, the dancers, bathed in warm light from the side of the stage, folded and launched yellow paper airplanes in unison.”(James McQuillen | For The Oregonian/OregonLive )

Choreography: Rachel Erdos
Alongside choreographers Sarah Slipper, Lucas Crandall, and Tracey Durbin together with a live pianist
Lighting Design: Jeff Forbes
Costume Design: Lindsey Reif
Set Design: Jeff Forbes
Length of whole programme 50 minutes

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