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Steven was Wrong

Created for and commissioned by Kolben Dance Company, Artistic Director: Amir Kolben, Jerusalem, Israel; 2015

Spielberg, Hitchcock, Scorsese, Tarantino, Burton, Allen… So much of the way we see the world is influenced by the characters we see on the big screen and in our living rooms. This work looks at our use of films to escape our lives.Through this work we explored lessons learned from movies using conventions such as the fairy tale ending or the action hero's escape.   

Steven was Wrong was nominated for the Best Show of 2015 by the critics of ‘Achbar Ha’ Ir’ publication.

Choreography: Rachel Erdos
Original Music: Alon Peretz
Lighting design: Shai Yehudai
Costume Design: Veronica Szor
Textile Design: Rossello Shmaria
Music: Gravity of Centre, DJ Lil' Jaz 
Rehearsal Director: Ori Lenkinski

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