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and Mr

and Mr' is a solo for famous Israeli dancer/choreographer Ido Tadmor choreographed by Rachel Erdos.


This work was commissioned by Ido, who after years of  working on his own material was interested in picking a young up-coming choreographer to create a new work on him. 


'and Mr' is an intense solo that deals with issues of loneliness and control.


"Rachel Erdos brings to the stage Tadmor in a special solo built of introspective thoughtful movement. He bends his back and whilst doing so slowly undoes his jacket, one jacket after another as if Erdos is peeling of the layers, looking for the man and his life beyond the steps of the dancer in performance"

(Zvi Goren- The Stage)


"and Mr. is a work that porrays a man who is so lonely that he no longer cries. This minimalist dance Tadmor surrenders to Rachel Erdos and lets her lead him deep into the interior, to discover the inner wealth of little movement. In a surprising moment he opens his closet to find a cellist who played - like a fantasy in the dark dance which is very touching and human."

( Ruth Eshel – Haaretz Newspaper)


Duration:  25 mins (there is also a shorter 15 mins version) 

Creative Dancer: Ido Tadmor

Original Music Score: Alberto Shwartz

Cellist: Raz Cohen/ Adiel Shmit

Lighting Design: Jacob Beresy


'and Mr' was premiered in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel and was performed in New York as part of 'Cool New York 2012' festival and since then has been presented in Cyprus, Korea, U.S and Brazil.

And Mr the solo

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