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Black Dog


Black dog which explores periods of time where our emotional state is fragile.

Winston Churchill used the term “black-dog” to refer to his depression: ”The black-dog has bitten me today.”

"The light is important to me; it fights the darkness in my head. Depression is the enemy - the monster lives at my gate." (Shoot the Damn Dog, Sally Brampton)


The work was started as part of a collaboration project between the Israeli choreographer’s society and Rimon School for music composition. Premiered May 2016.

There is now a new version with a new electronic score premiered in FIDCDMX Mexico July 2016.


Choreography: Rachel Erdos

Creative Dancers: Ori Lenkinski, Snir Nakar

Original Music: Alon Peretz

Costumes: Veronika Szor

Black Dog

Black Dog

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