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Fight, flight, feathers, f***ers

Created for and commissioned by Moving into Dance Mophatong, Johannesburg, South Africa; 2015

With support from Moving into Dance Mophatong, the Embassy of Israel, and Dance Umbrella Festival South Africa
An exploration into the politics, psychology, and physicality of masculinity. 

The fight-or-flight response is a biological reaction of animals to acute stress. Animals either get aggressive or flee the scene. This work explores how this theory relates to modern male society and examines cultural differences on this topic. 
“The work is intelligent, gritty and well-crafted.  It is a notable departure in style and theme from MIDM’s repertoire. This is a good thing: it signals freshness and new beginnings. ” -Tammy Ballantyne
“...articulate and mesmerising…. These four men demonstrate a level of give and take and call and response that is truly a privilege to witness.” -Robyn Sassen


Choreography: Rachel Erdos and Sunnyboy Motau
Dancers: Muzi Shili, Teboho Letele, Oscar Buthelezi, Eugene Mashiane
Lighting Design: Wilhelm Disbergen
Costume Design: Kyle Rossouw
Music Compilation: Teboho Letele
Length: 30 minutes

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