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An intimate duet in which the dancers are trapped in a square of 2.5 x 2.5 meters. Coloured fluorescent lights demarcate their territory and they inhabit it. The audience sit close to the performers on all 4 sides of the square. 

In today’s society space, or the lack of it, is an issue. Wars are fought over small pieces of land and borders are constantly changing and defining who we are. We live in overpopulated cities where the price to rent a tiny apartment is huge. The work was created in reaction to the current political situations and living conditions in many places in the world.  As the cost of living grows we are forced to inhabit smaller and smaller spaces.

This work questions whether the walls make us prisoners in our own castle or protect us by keeping others out. Are we trapped or are we free? Free in our minds, our homes, our lives, our countries?

Commissioned by MASH, Machol Shalem Dance House, Jerusalem, Israel

Choreography and Concept: Rachel Erdos
Creative performers: Yoav Grinberg and Stav Marin
Original Music and Editing: Yoav Atzmon
Music: The Boo Radleys, Echo Lake, The Caretaker 
Set Design and Construction: Alon Birger
Artistic advisor: Oded Graf
Length: 30 minutes long (can be accompanied by  a 20 minute post-performance Q & A)



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