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Tone Deaf


The literal translation of Karaoke and the quality many karaoke lovers share... 

Whether we sing at full volume in front of other people, croon in the shower, belt out tunes in our car or hum to ourselves...whether we can keep a tune or not, singing is an intrinsic part of our lives. Specific songs play a huge part in our personal and collective memories. They can accompany us for years and can magically transport us back in time to moments that were key in the formation of our identity. 

And then there is the question that divides most people. Is karaoke mortifyingly embarrassing or a good laugh? Whichever side of the divide you fall on, we have all found ourselves with a microphone in hand, trying to make it through a verse and chorus or two.


In Tone Deaf, the audience members are guests of a karaoke party. Hosted by three performers, who sing through critical moments in their lives, the audience is invited to sing along, to pick their favourite karaoke number or to sit back and enjoy a montage of melodies, movement and memory. 


Choreography and direction: Rachel Erdos

Dancers: Tomer Giat, Gilad Jerusalmy, Ofir Yannai

Video editing: Almog Ben Horin

Artistic Direction: Renana Raz, Ofer Amram, Nava Zuckerman

Production: Tali Konigsberg

First premiered in Intima Dance Festival 2019


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