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Created for and commissioned by Nehara Dance Company, Artistic Director: Daniella Bloch, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2014


A company of orthodox female dancers.

Five women explore these themes and the world of words, paper and books. 

How do we fill the blank pages?


Is prayer an individual private experience? A moment of reflection?A conversation? Or is the priority on fixed words with an emphasis on commuinity?

Choreography: Rachel Erdos
Dancers: Snunit Baraban, Leia Weil, Dalia Peretz, Tzipi Nir,
Singer: Sharon Roter
Original Music: Alberto Shwartz
Rehearsal Director: Dana Shoval
Costume Design: Rosalind Noctor
Stage Design: Rosalind Noctor, Gali Kanor
Lighting Design: Amir Castro

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