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“The Seven Deadly Sins: pride, sloth, gluttony, envy, anger, lust and greed are not forbidden acts but the passions that lead us into temptation…the stuff that makes us human.” 

(Aviad Kleinberg, 7 Deadly Sins)

‘Full of adrenalin this is a great work that was thoroughly stimulating. Erdos is more and more proving her place amongst the group of independent artists” (Ora Brafman, Dance Talk)

Length: 25 mins


Choreography: Rachel Erdos.

Original Music: Idan Shimoni

Music: Modest Mouse, Rage Against the Machine 

Costumes: Liron Ozeri.

Lighting Design: Jacob Beresy.

Dancers: Yoav Grinberg, Gil Kerer, Amit Marsiano, Adi Boutrous, Snir Nakar, Liron Ozeri.

Photos: Daniel Kaminsky



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