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Last Orders

Commissioned new work for Choreographic Centre Archauz resident company, Mancopy© Dansekompagni.


A site-specific performance performed in Ceres brewery. It was shown as part of the companys Out of Hauz Experiences series and was the third and final in the trilogy of physical, abstract dance performances in  unknown environments.


The dancers moved out of the safe environment of the stage and performed world-class dance in unfamiliar spaces throughout the City of Aarhus.

(company mission statement)


It was performed on ten occasions in May 2009 in the production facilities and on the tanks of the Ceres/Royal Unibrew Brewery in Aarhus.


The audiences were charmed by Ms. Erdos work,often drawn to more than one showing (review)


Duration: 30 mins

Directed by Artistic Director Jens Bjerregaard

Dancers: Johan Ohlson (SE), Katri Siipola (FI), Taneli Törmä (FI), Lodie Kardouss (FR), Louise Friis (DK)

Stage Effects and Lighting: Kim Glud and Sten Baadsgaard (DK)

Costumes: Marianne Meyer / Kostumeværkstedet


The Brewery Hall, Ceres / Royal Unibrew, 8000 Aarhus City

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