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In 1977, psychologist Arthur Aron, published the article "The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness." In his research, Aron assembled 36 questions designed for dialogue between two strangers, the questions gradually become more and more personal. According to the study, openness to another person and placing our selves in a position of vulnerability develops strong intimacy that will lead to immediate love. 

4 dancers.... 36 questions.... A revealing of their personalities, lives and experiences in an intimate dance event.

Would you like to be famous? 
When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?
What is your most terrible memory? 

Choreography and concept: Rachel Erdos
Performers: Matan David, Tomer Giat, Shay Haramaty, Ori Lenkinski
Music: Liverpool Express, Beach House, Giannis Parios, Erik Satie, Lia Ices
Dramaturge: Nava Zuckerman
Lighting design: Omer Sheizaf


Length: 50mins

Premiered in IntimaDance June 2017 Tmuna Theater Artistic advisors: Anat Katz, Erez Maayan 

“Choreographer Rachel Erdos presents Q & A, in this mature work, the fullest, deepest, most interesting she has created to date, she is searching for an appropriate response to relationships between two strangers. Throughout the piece, the combination of spoken and moved answers allows the audience to enjoy both worlds. The text is clear and the movement fills in the things that cannot be spoken with a fair share of humor.” (Ruth Eschell, Ha’aretz Newspaper June 2017).


“Erdos is trying to reach the personal and the intimate through complex movement she choreographed for a fantastic quartet of two men and two women that touches straight to the heart of feelings and personal connection. “ (Zvi Goren, HaBama  Web Site, July 2017).



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