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Sometimes silence is the most powerful voice there is.


And the music is just in our mind ...


" Cruelest lies are told in silence "
( Meir Shalev from the book 'Esau' )


"Rust, another successful collaboration between Tadmor and Erdos. The partnering of Tadmor and Piorun turned to be a brilliant choice. Both are quite mature, work with impressive control and acute kinesthetic sense.


Rust, is danced in silence, enhancing attention to movement details and nuances and has an enormous impact."
(Ora Brafman, Jerusalem Post)


Choreography: Rachel Erdos and Ido Tadmor


This work is made in collaboration with 'Zawirowania Dance Theatre', Poland



Length: 18 mins

Dancers: Ido Tadmor and Elvira Piorun

Music: Something stupid, Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Lighting Design; Jacob Beresy


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