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The Man Upstairs


A trio for 3 male dancers to an original music score. This work explores questions of identity, faith and community.


Examining the relevance of God and spirituality in today's society,  each dancer explores his own personal journey.


The starting point for the work was hand movements and gestures taken from Jewish practice and imagery.


Length: 20 mins


Choreography: Rachel Erdos

Original Music: Alberto Shwartz

Original Song: Shai Gabso

Costumes: Saray Goliat

Lighting Design: Amir Castro

Dancers: Yoav Grinberg, Gil Kerer, Snir Nakar

Photo; Tami Weiss


Premiered in December 2013 as part of ‘Ben Shamayim Ve Aretz Festival’, supported by The Avichai Foundation and The independent Choreographers Association.  Performed in 2017 in Prisma International contemporary dance festival, Panama.



The man upstairs

The man upstairs

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