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Why We Tell

The work is a dialogue with the idea that all stories, literary and cinematic are based upon seven basic plot motifs and structures.  


"Why we tell’‘ began as an investigation of Christopher Booker’s opus ‘The Seven Basic Plots, why we tell stories’.


The work developed while investigating stories in which these themes have appeared, until it crystallized into another new story - an intimate and personal story between man and woman.


Created as part of Blank Canvas creative residency at The Firkin Crane, Cork Ireland, Sept  2010.


Duration: 18 mins

Dancers: Ori Lenkinski , Idan Yoav

Original Music: Alberto Shwartz

Additional music: Sufjan Stevens, Assaf Avidan.

Lighting design: Uri Rubinstein


Premiered Feb 2011

Why we tell

Why we tell

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